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Satisfied Clients

Highly recommend! Not only are they great people, their dogs and litters are an absolute joy. Well taken care of, healthy, and extremely easy to train. I can’t say enough great things about our experience and the fur baby that we’ve taken home!

Amanda Bower

Blu is an amazing dog with a great temperament. He and my son who is two are best friends. Also Blu is already mostly potty trained( lots of treats involved) and is only 11 weeks old. Great breeders who are super hands on to make sure your pup is perfect to go to their new homes. Thanks so much Labs of Romeo!

Labs of Romeo is amazing! They communicated and answered questions quickly. Our pup is now almost 11 months old and is such a joy to our family. He took to potty training and sleeping at night very quickly. He’s smart and very handsome Santana still responds to messages and I would buy another from her in a heartbeat. I would highly recommend!

Julie Tripp

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